The Projects group is for the discussion of ideas. The Projects section is for the realisation of ideas.

The Projects section of the RED Toolbox will have a library of project case studies or outlines, which can be copied. We are looking for projects with demonstrable benefits – ie jobs, tourism attraction, youth engagement etc

The Projects section will also present new project ideas for partners to engage with. Project ideas can seek material, experience, funding and project management skills – building teams of partners to turn ideas into action.

The platform connects across multiple dimensions. Local groups can connect people locally, but still connect into sectors, other regions and projects. Groups can be private (invite only), open or closed.

So the platform supports community and privacy. It supports parochial and local, and national and international. It supports businesses, associations and sectors.

Not everybody wants to connect, collaborate and share. But 97% of organisations do. And the RED Toolbox is there to support them.

And their networks, connections, supply chains, regions and states. So become a Partner, join the RED Toolbox and add your ideas to the discussions and solutions.