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RDA-Townsville & North West

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RDA-Townsville & North West
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rda townsville wwwTownsville, the largest city in Northern Australia, is the economic hub of the Townsville and North West region. Spanning 449,190 square kilometres, the region represents a quarter of Queensland’s land area, and comprises 15 local government areas. With a population of 266,162, the region is home to over 5 per cent of Queenslanders with an economy valued at $21 billion. The region boasts strong transport infrastructure which meets the needs of North and North West Queensland exporters. This includes the Port of Townsville, the Port of Karumba and the Port of Lucinda with links to North, South and Western Queensland.

Over 5000 kilometres of state-controlled roads and 1543 kilometres of the national road network   connect the region, with ten main roads serving as the backbone to the Townsville and North West Queensland. The region also benefits from regular air networks and through the rail networks of Aurizon, Pacific National and Queensland Rail.


Opportunities exist in agriculture and food processing, mining, tourism, renewable energy, defence, new technologies and other industries.

Mining - The Townsville and North West region has an internationally significant mining industry, and is the leading Australian exporter of copper, zinc and lead. Townsville's close proximity to Asia and its world-class port, servicing over 20 shipping lines, makes it an ideal export centre.

Beef, Agriculture and Fisheries - The region has substantial grazing and agricultural industries, with a focus on beef production (home to 25 per cent of Queensland cattle) and sugar (34 per cent of the state’s total production), with new growth opportunities around irrigated agriculture emerging in the Flinders River precinct. Townsville is also one the main commercial fishing ports in Queensland.

Defence - Townsville is home to Australia's largest army base, Lavarack Barracks, with over 6000 soldiers, 129 civilian employees and 6000 dependants. A RAAF base is also located in Townsville, with over 800 personnel and 100 civilians and contractors. The region
has a significant skill set for expanding defence-related industries.

Education, Science and Research - The Australian Institute of Marine Science, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and James Cook University (JCU) all contribute to the region’s world-leading reputation in marine science research. JCU also has significant research expertise in biodiversity, tropical ecology and environments, global warming, tourism, tropical medicine and public health care in under-served populations.

CQUniversity and TAFE both have campuses in Townsville offering a range of courses.

App Development - Townsville and North West Queensland is becoming a hub for mobile app development. The Townsville startup Safety Culture launched an app in a Townsville garage in 2004; it’s now used by more than 30 million people to conduct safety inspections worldwide. The company has established offices in San Francisco, Kansas City and Manchester, while remaining headquartered in Townsville.

Opportunities exist in agriculture and food processing, mining, tourism, renewable energy, defence, new technologies and other industries.

Bio-Energy - The North Queensland Bio- Energy project involves the construction of a
$640 million renewable energy facility incorporating raw sugar, ethanol and power generation at Ingham in North Queensland. This state-of-the-art facility will be the first of its kind in Australia and will produce approximately 350,000 tonnes of sugar annually. The project, operational in June 2021, will boost sugarcane growers' revenue through the production of additional products and is expected to create over 220 new jobs.

The Cloncurry Bio-fuel and Waste Treatment Precinct is an innovative project involving the establishment of a facility for value-adding activities using effiuent water and other waste products in Cloncurry. The project will demonstrate to local landowners or investors the commercial viability for developing plantations on suitable sites which can provide timber, bio-fuel and feed stock for the Cloncurry processing facility


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