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rda brisbane wwwBrisbane - Australia's new world city and Queensland's vibrant capital - offers an open, stable and competitive business environment where strong collaboration between industry, research and government is driving the development of the industries of the future. With a population of 1.2 million, Brisbane is Australia’s closest capital city to Asia with an economy valued at $157.9 billion.

This represents almost 10 per cent of the national economy in Australia’s most regionalised state. Innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders are drawn to Brisbane for its sub-tropical lifestyle, burgeoning arts and cultural scene, sports and recreational opportunities and world class education, health and community services.


Mining Equipment, Technology and Services - Brisbane is a world leader and centre of excellence in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector and has the largest METS cluster in Australia, featuring many global energy firms.
Food and Agribusiness - Queensland's agricultural research and development capability ranks amongst the best in the world. A particular specialisation and expertise is found in tropical and subtropical agriculture, with Brisbane hosting TropAg, the biennial International Tropical Agriculture conference. Many innovative food manufacturers with a particular strength in meat processing and distribution to Asia and beyond are based in Brisbane.
Renewable Energies and Clean Technologies - Brisbane is recognised as a world leader in the development of clean coal technology. The Queensland Government's renewable energy initiatives including carbon capture and storage pilot projects are based in Brisbane. There is increasing demand for remote energy, waste and water treatment technologies, and Queensland is leading innovation in biomass and biofuels, including ethanol production.
International Education and Training -
Brisbane is a significant contributor to Queensland's second largest services export just behind tourism; international education and training generated $4.13 billion for the Queensland economy in 2016 and it provides 19,000 jobs across the state. Brisbane was home to 78,000 students in 2016.
Aviation and Aerospace - Queensland has long been a leader in aviation (it's the ‘Q’ in Qantas), and you’ll find an unsurpassed range and depth of aviation and aerospace industries in Brisbane including the Qantas heavy maintenance precinct, the national aviation and aerospace training provider Aviation Australia, and the Asia Pacific HQ of Boeing Australia. University aerospace research institutes based in Brisbane are leading in areas such as aerospace automation (an Australian first), advanced hypersonics, nanotechnology and materials.

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals  - Brisbane is home to world-class research facilities and hospitals, generating a critical mass of knowledge and high-value niche businesses in biomedicine, vaccine research and drug discovery, tropical health, oncology, hospital management and e-health, and the emerging human bionics sector.

Drones, AI and Robotics, Spatial Innovation, DLT and Blockchain - Ground-breaking developments in the high-tech sectors of the future are flourishing in Brisbane. The inaugural World of Drones conference was held in 2017 where Brisbane’s particular strengths in agtech and remote sensing were on show. Brisbane is also home to the largest cohort of spatial innovators in Australia along with a rapidly expanding AI and robotics sector. Brisbane is the base for a fast-growing network of fintech, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain innovators.

Investment opportunities are to be found across all of Brisbane's growth sectors including Australia's second largest infrastructure project, the Queen’s Wharf integrated resort development, due for completion in 2022.

The City of Brisbane is focused on growing the products, technologies and services of the future supported by a strong culture of innovation, a highly skilled workforce and
world-class educational and research facilities.

Brisbane provides all the ingredients for a competitive – and liveable – future.


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