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What's in the RED Toolbox?

The RED Toolbox offers significant value to individuals, businesses, not for profits, councils and RDAs in regional Australia.

The Regional Economic Development (RED) Toolbox is a platform for supporting smart, connected and sustainable regional economic development.

Australia’s sustainable, economic future depends on the foundation of our productive industries.

We need more exporters in Australia and we need to increase the value of the goods and services we sell. We need to collaborate actively, and share best practice examples of what works and what doesn’t more quickly and widely.

Engage and work with others on building capability across industry sectors, promoting export, adding value to regional businesses and organisations and creating a more fertile foundation for jobs and sustainable regions.

Signing up is free. This gives you access to regular news and events. You can also join groups and comment on blogs.

Or you can become a partner.

How to partner

Partners can join and create groups, contribute case studies and stories to the media and communication program, and suggest projects, ideas and events. Partners will receive regular ezines and notification of events and project opportunities.

Partnership options are offered to all RDAs, Councils and “action based” regional development organisations, corporates, businesses, not-for-profits and individuals in Australia.

For partnership options and payment fees ...